NVOCC Representation

Company is one of the well known for its NVOCC representation in Sri Lanka.  Having commenced its business as the NVOCC representative company, we represent regionally reputed NVOCCs in Sri Lanka.  NVOCC are the carriers who mostly operate among the regional ports which is less focused by the global carriers due to its low attractiveness. 

The export import volume within the sub continent is large and continues to grow year on year.  The NVOCCs are the major carriers of the cargo providing trading facility all stake holders involved.

Be it be any port or location in Indian Sub Continent, we can securely deliver your cargo with efficient network of NVOCC Agents.

Apart from containers, cargo such as machinery and equipment which needs special equipment like Open Tops, Flatracks, Flatbed can be offered to and from any destination around the globe to support your supply chain needs.

We have the ability to provide special equipment made for carriage of bitumen (in bitutainers) which are most economical and environment friendly.



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